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Extra Programs and Activities During 2005

At the end of 2005 staff reflected on the extra programs and activities that had been organised for students during the year. They produced the following list.

In addition to the activities listed below, there were many subject-related excursions (eg, Indonesian meal at Dede's Restaurant) and other special but short activities during the year. As well, the groundwork was laid for the Co-Pilots mentoring program which links specially trained local adult volunteer mentors with selected students in Bridgewater High and other local schools.


Program or activity

Additional information

ABC Giving Tree fundraising
Fundraising by students to buy presents for the ABC Giving Tree
ABC Giving Tree toymaking
Students made wooden toys for the ABC Giving Tree
Aboriginal camps
Murrayfield Camp and other cultural camps coordinated by Aboriginal
Education. "Positive Future for Our Youngins". Involves parents and
Activities Day
Whole school activities
Anti-arson Competition
Crime Stoppers
Art competition - "A Child and a Dog"
International art competition held in Poland
Art Room lunch times
Art Room open four lunch hours during the week
Art work displays
ASDAN learning ‘program’ (literacy)
Awards Scheme and Accreditation Network. In conjunction with Reconnect
Assemblies - drama items
Assemblies - music items
Assemblies - reports by students
Boys/girls school tournaments and rosters
Beading Group
Lunchtime social activity, grade 8
Bell Shakespeare
Visit to Claremont College for Bell Shakespeare Co. production
Breakfast Club
Free breakfast for students before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Brighton Junior Council
Student representative body
Merit certificates and Principal’s Commendations
Community Health Education Wellbeing at Brighton Council Chambers
Child Studies play groups
Child Studies students providing assistance at Bridgewater Primary,
Gagebrook Primary and Risdon Brook Dam Teddy Bears Picnic
Class Clowns
Inter-school comedy festival
CO2 Cars Competition
Inter-school competition using gas-powered model cars
College liaison
Liaison with Claremont College
Cooking competition
BHS's two teams came1st and 2nd in out of 18 teams. 2nd in individual
competition. (Island Group Training State Competition held at Devonport)
Grade 8 cricket team
Farm Fete
Students participated in the operating of the Fete at the Farm which raised
Farm tour guides
Students gave guided farm tours to adults and children
Farm: A.T.V. Training
Four students received units of competency in All Terrain Vehicle driving in
a course run in association with TAFE
Farm: Animal Judging
Four students represented regional agricultural shows in State Junior Judging.
Two to represent Tasmania in national judging.
Farm: Boys on the Farm
Focus on farm maintenance and other farm activities
Farm: Cattle Camp
Cattle Camp – 24 students participated in two-day workshops
Farm: Cattle Handling
Training, preparing and exhibiting cattle. Participation in competitions at
agricultural shows. Showing of cattle for local farmers. School Cattle
Handling Team won three trophies at inter-school competitions
Farm: Chainsaw Operator's Licences
Four students awarded Chainsaw Operator’s Licences
Farm: Community Events
Students worked with animals at nine community events
Farm: Enterprise Education
$250 grant, involving10 students. Including two stalls at Claremont College
Market Day
Farm: Girls on the Farm
Four separate groups. Included buttermaking demonstrations at Hobart Show
Farm: Sheep Handling
Training, preparing and exhibiting sheep. Competitions at agricultural shows. 
Showing of sheep for local farmers. One student invited to exhibit sheep 
Farm-based skills program
Students from BHS and other schools spend one day a week learning farm-
based skills
Food Studies show entries
Grade 7 students, prizewinners Hobart Show
Football teams
Junior and senior. 
Front-of-school sign
Preparation of sign in school grounds
Gardening Group
School gardening and landscaping program. 
Global T-Shirt Exchange
Student enterprise. Gr. 8, 9, 10 students in Tasmania exchanging with gr. 10
and 11 students in U.S. Sharing artworks then communicating by email.
Golden Keys Club
Uni students mentoring group
Grade 10 common room
Lunch-time activities in a newly set up room set aside for grade 10 students
Grade 10 Fundraising
Grade 10 students raising funds to subsidise their Leavers Week activities
and Leavers Dinner
Grade 7 Camp
Grade 8 Camp
Home-School Liaison
Home-school liaison officer 
House Competition
Allocation of every student and staff member to one of four houses to
promote competition and house pride, particularly in sport
Indonesian Peer Tutoring
Grade 8 students helping grade 7 students in class, mentoring
Indigenous Tutoring Assistance Scheme. Relevant students received tutor
support to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes
Kids Help Line
Group of students trained to support fellow students
Kids in the Kitchen
Students plan, prepare and serve meals to invited but paying staff customers
after having purchased ingredients; emphasis on all literacy and numeracy
Knit and Natter
Lunch-time social group
Learning Assessment Project, Managing and Retaining Secondary Students
at School. 
Leavers Week activities
Program of activities for grade 10 students during their final week as students
Marine Studies Camp
Grades 7-10, one-week science course.
MDT Hands-on project construction
Extra Materials, Design and Technology project work 
Meeting Premier and touring Parliament 
Melbourne Cup afternoon
BJC supported local function for senior citizens
Mime workshop
Students participated in workshop run by visiting mime artist
Music Withdrawal
Extra music tuition
National Tree Day
Students planted 260 trees
National Trust Competition 
Art poster competition focusing on Tasmanian heritage
Grade 7 premiers, 4 teams total 
For gr. 10 to college
Orientation Day Peer Tutors
Grade 9 students trained to act as peer tutors for the new grade 7 students in
2006 and to assist them on Orientation Day, Dec. 2005
Pathway Planning
Grade 8 students assisted to prepare plans of their journey through to
independent young adulthood
Pete’s Shed (community workshop)
Focus for interested, at risk students and non-attenders. Community
projects. A number of students have participated in practical activities that
promote social responsibility (renovating bikes to return to community,
renovating lawn mowers). 
Primary school taster trips
Performances and talks by students in local primary schools to explain what
high school will be like
Real Learning/Real Futures
A project in which local high schools collaborate to share specialist
teaching expertise with a focus on improving student attendance and
retention in years 9 and 10
Reconnect Room
One-to-one assistance for students who cannot participate in a regular
class at a particular time or are returning to school after a lengthy absence.
Redevelopment survey and visits
Consultation with students over the plans to redevelop the grade 9 and
10 areas, including inspection of other schools
Responsible Student Card
Special pass for students showing extra responsibility
Restart program
Program to improve reading, writing and spelling and the way students
approach their work.
Reward Days
Robocup Competition
Inter-school competition. Grade 10 Robotics students
Rock Eisteddfod
Won seven awards of excellence in 2005
Rock Eisteddfod trip
Attending Rock Eisteddfod workshop in Launceston
Rock Eisteddfod: dancing
Rock Eisteddfod: sets and backstage
SAM program
Support, Advice and Mentoring. Aims to keep students connected
with appropriate education program. Targets students at risk of
disengaging with their education. Uses case management approach: PCYC,
Tailored education program
School magazine preparation
Student involvement in preparing the magazine
School newsletter contributions
Contributions written by and about students
Science & Engineering Challenge
Won the Electricity Grid challenge to plan an electricity grid for a
small city. 
Solar Power Challenge
Inter-school competition using solar-powered model cars
Student coaching/umpiring of sports 
Teacher Aide Programs One-to-one and small group programs with teacher aides focusing on
literacy, numeracy and life skills
Textiles Exposť
School exhibition
Textiles show entries
Grade 10 students, prizewinners Brighton Show
Weights Room Personal weights program
Woolworths 'School to Work' 
Led to part-time work for students
Work placements
Coles Bridgewater and other businesses in the local community



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