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Information for New Students

Discipline and behaviour

We have rules to ensure the school runs well. The rules cover things like lunch passes, riding a bike to school, being late to school and so on.

The rules are based on a set of beliefs and values:

  • The school is a place where everyone should feel safe from any form of harassment.
  • We respect the rights of students to learn and teachers to teach.
  • We recognise the worth of every person.
  • Students should learn to be responsible for their behaviour.
  • Everyone in the school should contribute to the wellbeing of everyone else.

When a student behaves in a way which goes against this set of beliefs and values disciplinary action is taken.


Our rules for inside and outside the classroom are very simply:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be a Learner
  3. Be Caring - of people, of property and of the environment

Detailed rules apply to different areas of the school. You can read more about rules in our "Rules and behaviour" section.

Does the school you are coming from have rules along the following lines?

Classroom Rules
  1. Be on time and prepared for work.
  2. Listen when someone is speaking.
  3. Speak politely and quietly.
  4. Let others work undisturbed.
  5. Follow instructions willingly and promptly.
  6. Remain seated when required.

If so, then be assured that those rules apply at Bridgewater High too. In fact we used to have this list of six rules but we replaced them with "Be Safe, Be a Learner and Be Caring" because those three rules support good behaviour in all areas of the school, not just in the classroom.

When a student breaks one of the rules, our disciplinary process is implemented. This is explained in detail to students at the beginning of grade 7. It includes a number of steps such as warning the student, isolation in the classroom and relocating a student to another classroom. If these steps fail it may be necessary for a student to be sent to a senior staff member. In serious cases it may be necessary for a student to be suspended.

School Uniform

The school colours are navy blue and red. The majority of our students wear the uniform with obvious pride. The school uniform removes the pressure from parents to provide a variety of expensive clothing for school. It allows all students to be neatly and economically dressed for school and allows them to identify as a school group.

The uniform is provided to students at very low cost. We purchase direct from the manufacturer and sell from the school, avoiding unnecessary price mark-ups.

The uniform plays an important role in maintaining the school image. Parents' and students' support of uniform is very important for the whole school community.

The school uniform is strongly supported by the School Council and students out of uniform should bring a note to explain the reason.

Uniform can be purchased at school. Details of times will be publicised through our school newsletter, Info.

The Library

We have a big library at Bridgewater High School. It has over 30,000 books in it - books you will use for work, and others, like those by Paul Jennings, that you may read for enjoyment.

Our library has computers that you can use to find the books you want. You will be trained to use them during term 1. The library and the rest of the school is linked to the Internet.

We also use a computer to book out items for loan. You can have up to four books out at a time.

The library is open from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ride my bike to school?

Only people who live quite a way from school can bring bikes. The bikes will be locked in a bike cage during the day for safety. Students are NOT allowed to ride their bikes in the school grounds. Bikes are not used at recess and lunch breaks. You must wear your safety helmet.

Can I go home for lunch?

If you live close by and want to go home each day, you must bring a note at the start of the year. No-one is allowed out of the school grounds at lunch break unless a note is brought from home.

Students with parents' permission are issued with a lunch pass. The pass allows you to go home for lunch. It does not allow you to go to the shops or to a friend's house.

What do I do if I feel sick?

If you feel sick, see your grade coordinator who will arrange for you to go home or to be checked out by a staff member trained in first aid.

What if I'm away sick?

Please ask someone at home to phone the school office (6262 5500) to let us know where you are. On your return you must bring a note from home.

What if I lose something?

See your home group teacher or grade coordinator. We have a lost property box in the grade area near the staffroom. Make sure EVERYTHING YOU BRING TO SCHOOL has YOUR NAME ON IT. DO NOT bring valuable things to school.

What if I get lost?

Don't panic. Ask another student or teacher where to go. 

Will anybody annoy me?

That's unlikely. But if anyone says or does anything that upsets you, tell the grade coordinator or your home group teacher.

What if the work is too hard?

If you don't understand something tell your teacher. Lots of people find some work hard and we provide support to those who need it. Sometimes you may be given different work or there may be an extra person in the class working with your teacher to provide extra help.

How will I know when to change lessons?

The PA (public address) system automatically plays a short piece of music to indicate lesson changeovers, the beginning and end of recess and lunch time and the end of the day. The music is usually referred to as "the bell".

What if I'm late for school?

If you arrive towards the end of assembly (after 8.50 am) you will need to get a LATE PASS from the office and give it to your teacher.

If you arrive during assembly make sure that your Home Group Teacher has marked you PRESENT.

How do I play in sports teams?

We pride ourselves in the fact that we cater for a wide range of interests. We look forward to your active participation.



Most sport at school level is catered for by local sports clubs but the school has entered teams in indoor cricket, handball and basketball.

If you play another sport and would like to play in a team for the school, it can be arranged if there is enough interest and a coach available.

We hold swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals each year. Participation can lead to inter-high representation in all three sports.

The school encourages students to fulfil their potential by aiming to represent the school as a positive school spirit can be developed.

For good health and hygiene we expect all students to change into appropriate sports gear for Physical Education lessons and team sports.

The gym is available for recreational activities at lunchtimes as well as inter-class and inter-grade sports matches..



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