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Statements by the Minister for Education
following the fire at Bridgewater High School

Bridgewater High Update
- Media release, Mon. 24 Dec. 2007

Bridgewater High decision made
- Media release, Tues. 20 Nov. 2007

Bridgewater High School relocation in 2008
- Media release Wed. 14 Nov. 2007

Community taskforce to explore education options for Bridgewater
- Media release Wed. 7 Nov. 2007

Bridgewater High School fire
- Answer to Question, House of Assembly, 1 Nov.2007

Bridgewater High students return to school
- Media release Thurs. 1 Nov. 2007

Bridgewater students relocated
- Media release Fri. 26 Oct. 2007

Bridgewater High School fire
- Media release Wed. 24 Oct. 2007



For detailed information about the return to classes, see:
Bridgewater High School's Information Sheet for Students and Parents
which was distributed on 1 November 2007.



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