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Bridgewater High School


Student email

JRLF students use Microsoft Outlook Web Access for email.
(The previous system used by BHS students a few years ago, Schoolsnet's Editure, is no longer used.)

(No longer updated)

For dates see Calendar page.

Student email
  (Microsoft Outlook Web Access - the system used by the Department of Education)

Use your normal username, whether from home or school.. For example: fred.smith.00

However, if you cannot access email from home, then before your username, type: education\
For example: education\fred.smith.00
(Make sure you use a backslash
\, not a forward slash /)

 Click here to use EMAIL

Email help (from the Student Freeway: requires username, eg schools\fred.smith.00, and password)

Still unable to access email from home?

1. In Internet Explorer, open the Tools menu on the toolbar and click 'Internet Options'.
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the window.
4. Select (tick) the following options:
] Use SSL 2.0
] Use SSL 3.0
] Use TLS 1.0
5. Click OK

Your new email address ends in:

For example:



Old student email  at (called 'Editure', previously 'MyMail' - by 'Schoolsnet') - IS NO LONGER USED






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Last modified on 30 October 2011