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Sport Code of Behaviour

Bridgewater High School encourages all students to actively participate in inter-school sport both for the physical benefits of participation and for the social benefits of mixing with students from other schools. To obtain the most out of these activities, the school has established a Sporting Code of Behaviour for all participants.

The underlying concept is that any students representing the school will do so in a manner that will reflect well on them as individuals, on the team and on the school generally.

Representing the school in sporting activities is a privilege not a right. As a privilege it needs to be earned by a commitment to the school. This commitment is displayed by adhering to the school’s Code of Conduct and consistently wearing school uniform.

The following guidelines are to be strictly adhered to:

  • By all means play to win but within both the rules and the spirit of the game
  • No “sledging” of opponents
  • Accept umpires' decisions – not doing so is often viewed as an excuse for your own poor performance.
  • Accept both victory and defeat in a dignified and gracious manner.
  • Congratulate opponents and thank umpires, officials and coaches after each game.
  • Be supportive of all team mates.
  • A student who is currently under suspension is ineligible to play during that time.
  • A student who is absent from school on the day of a game is ineligible to play.

As sporting activities are also school-sanctioned activities, any misbehaviour will be dealt with under the existing behaviour management procedures. Additional penalties may involve loss of the privilege to represent the school.




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