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Accessing Learning Federation materials
(The "Learning Federation" digital learning materials website referred to here has no connection with the Jordan River Learning Federation)

The old Learning Federation digital curriculum materials website has been replaced with the National Digital Learning Resources Network

For learning materials see the Australian Curriculum resources section.

Giving students your selected learning objects to use

One way is to include links to the objects in a Word document (here's how), with instructions if necessary, then save it. Load the document again and save it as an mht file. Copy this to the Apps directory through a special shortcut in your home directory that you can ask computing staff to create. Then ask students to go to My Computer, Apps, then your special folder.

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People seeking information may need to check both the new JRLF website and the old BHS website. See
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Essential Learnings (now superseded)

Essential Learnings CD: Planning Learning Sequence




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