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NOTE: This is an archived page from 2007. If you need 2011 Leavers Dinner information, see the Students page.

Information for 2007 Grade 10 Leavers


Participation in learning and training beyond Year 10

Are you a 2007 grade 10 leaver? Then this new Tasmanian law that operates from the beginning of 2008 applies to you...

All students who have completed Year 10 now have to continue in education or training for another two years or until they turn 17 - unless they have a full-time job.

Make sure you read the details on the Department of Education's website. See the:


Leavers Dinner photos 2007 - taken by professional photographer

The  Leavers Dinner photographs are now able to be inspected and ordered at Mid-City Camera World, corner of Murray and Collins Streets, Hobart. (Message dated 12 December 2007.)

Leavers Dinner photos 2007 - taken by staff

The photos taken at the Leavers Dinner by teachers are now available at the photo/camera shop in Northgate. It is located near the top of the escalators - look for the "Kodak" sign. The Leavers Dinner photos are on a CD which is placed into one of their machines to enable you to view and order prints in the usual way.



School magazine and reference

Any grade 10 students who still have not collected their reference and school magazine can now collect them from the new Bridgewater High School site at Bridgewater Primary. But you first need to make sure someone will be there for you by phoning 6263 7131 to arrange a time to go in. (Message dated 18 January 2008)

Insurance claims after the fire

The Education Department has appointed an officer to assist with the completion of claims by people who still have claims to submit following our school fire. He will be available from 9am to 3pm on Tuesday 18 December and Wednesday 19 December, in a room at the Brighton Community Health Centre, 27 Greenpoint Road, Bridgewater. No appointments needed.


Your SINA (Schooslnet/Editure) school email account is set to be deleted after Tuesday, 4 December.

  • If you need to keep any old email messages, then by Tuesday you need to load each message and forward it to another email account that you have such as a Hotmail or Gmail account.
  • If you need any information in your address book then copy and paste the information into a Word document, then email that to yourself at another email account. (The address book itself can't be saved.)
  • If you don't have another email account and would like a Gmail account, then send a request to [No longer operating]
  • If you need NEW messages that people send to your old email address after Tuesday to be redirected to your other email account for a short time, we may be able to do this. Send a request to [No longer operating] by Tuesday next week, 4 December.

Some students have started using an email account using Microsoft Outlook Web Access:

  • This account will shortly be disabled, because the system that provides you with access to it depends on you being a current student - watch this web page to find out the exact date. UPDATE: This account would have been disabled by now.
  • You should be able to resume use of this account when you commence classes at college next year. In the meantime, consider whether you need to keep any old email messages or address book information as described above.
  • If you are not going to a Tasmanian government college next year this account will be deleted.
  • With Microsoft Outlook Web Access, it is not possible to set up redirection of new email to another email account. Therefore, you urgently need to tell people your new email address (such as a Hotmail or Gmail address).

Presentation Assembly

The Presentation Assembly will be held on Wednesday 12 December 2007 at Claremont College, from 1pm. (Note the change in date - the original date was Tuesday, 18 December.)

Farm Assembly

The Farm Assembly will be held on Thursday 13 December 2007 at the School Farm, Brighton, from 12noon to 2pm.



Updated 18 January 2008


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